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JCB Industrial Mission Statement

We continually earn the trust and loyalty of our customers by combining
prompt and efficient service with high quality workmanship and safety standards.

We accomplish this by leveraging over 100 years of journeyman experience, while ensuring our employees are continually trained, well treated and fairly incented.

Using Unskilled Labor results in substantial cost overruns. A substantial number of our competitors use unskilled laborers and cannot provide the quality of service that JCB Industrial Inc. offers.

Hiring a firm that uses unskilled and uncertified laborers increases your organizations risk/exposure. Although there may be short-term hourly savings, if you factor in re-work and premature maintenance costs, in most cases the end cost will be substantially higher.

JCB Industrial Inc. high quality workmanship is Guaranteed.

All employees at JCB Industrial Inc. receive ongoing training and are tested to CWB standards every 2 years to ensure all skill levels are being maintained.

We are members in good standing of Millwright Union Local 1460 and the Millwright Union.

We treat our employees well and offer full benefits, pensions, training and support.  This ensures employee satisfaction and commitment to provide the best possible skilled standards. JCB Industrial Inc. has a Retained Alberta Certified Mechanical and Structural Professional Engineering firm to design and supply or seal off designs/drawings and perform inspections. 

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